The Recall

The recall is perhaps one of the most important exercises because with out off lead exercise dogs can become bored and over active around the home causing their owners many problems. With our facilities we are able to allow the dogs off the lead to have fun but also to enable us to teach the owner how to get a good recall from their dog even from play with another dog.

Techniques are again all about teaching the dog what the recall word or signal is, here we reward the dog for sitting in front of us and at the same time repeat the word or signal.

The dog learns that the word means to sit in front of the owner and be rewarded, when used in conjunction with then allowing the dog to go back and play it is a very effective way of teaching the dog to recall. Many hints and tips for good recalls are also supplied, here are some;

  • Never have the lead in your hand when recalling the dog, the dog may see the lead and assume he is going back on the lead to be taken home.
  • Try to always keep the dog guessing about the direction you are taking so do not follow the dog on a walk.
  • Always reward the dog for a good response, you should not reward the dog for coming after you have called him/her several times!