Training Advice

Training a dog is simple, it is training a dog to do tricks whether that be a sit or down, recall or a retrieve. The key to any training is motivation, once we have found out what motivates the dog then we can use that to train it but it does not stop there! Some owners who come to us will make the comment that they have trained their dog at home but it then all goes out of the window when outside of the home around people, other dogs and animals or wild game. With this in mind we have devised training courses designed to teach the owner how to get the required responses from the dogs no matter what the circumstances.

If we the owners control what the dog values and enjoys then we are far more likely to be successful in training our dogs, it is now recognised that dog behaviour does not completely stem from wild dog or wolf behaviour as the dog is a sub species which has evolved to rely on if not take advantage of humans and our emotions!!!

Dogs require a very specific criteria to be happy well behaved dogs, if these are not met then it is likely we will encounter problems with them. Many dogs that are presented to us have problems directly related to a lack of physical and mental stimulation, take for example a Springer Spaniel that does not get enough exercise, this dog when let off the lead will then go self employed and is often very difficult to recall, the situation becomes a catch 22 where the owner is more and more reluctant to allow the dog off the lead because it takes too long to get the dog back. This dog will then become very frustrated and bored leading to serious problems. It is becoming very clear to trainers all over the world that owners need to choose the type of dog they would like very carefully, choosing a breed of dog that suits the owners lifestyle rather than on looks is much more logical.

As a training club specialising in pet dog training we have designed courses and the facilities very carefully, looking at the requirements of the owner and their dog. Training techniques need to be simple to apply, effective and fair on the dog and owner.

Training techniques that are regularly used with in the training centre are a combination of rewarding dogs for doing well with toys and games, food rewards, verbal and physical praise. Listed right are some of the training techniques we recommend.