More Advice

We've discussed on the listed pages only but a few of the many techniques we use as we have learned over 15 years operating pet dog class’s that not all dogs can be trained using the same techniques, what will work for a Collie may not work for a hound or lurcher and it is important that as trainers we recognise this and are able to adapt, change and use many different approaches to the dogs and owners in our care.

As trainers it is also very important to recognise the needs and requirements of our clients and not to sweep problems under the carpet with comments such as "it will be ok he/she will grow out of it”. We take our responsibilities very seriously and endeavour to treat all our clients and their dogs as individuals with specific needs. With this in mind we have a very honest approach towards the client, offering constructive advice to achieve the owners goals. We have found that this honest approach is successful because we all need to accept when something is not quite right, if this is tempered with a caring attitude and good quality advice on how to rectify problems it will make for a more positive relationship.

If at any stage a trainer recognises there are more fundamental problems than just the training the client will be offered the opportunity to complete a training questionnaire. This will help the trainer to establish why the training programme is not achieving the required results and to help the owner devise a programme on how to improve the dog’s responses. This could be a change of diet or of routines at home as we have to be aware that the way we live with our dogs at home will affect their behaviour out of the home environment.