Lying still

We also specialise in helping owners have dogs that are very easy to handle at the vets, when grooming and for general care of the dog. One of the exercises is the flat or dead position, this is where the dog is taught to lie still on its side allowing the owner to examine the feet and other parts of the dogs body.

Many of our clients have been congratulated by their veterinary practice for being able to control and handle their dogs effectively whilst being examined. It is also extremely useful when you have a dog that has a cut pad or you want to trim the dogs nails, many of our clients have even had x-rays taken of their dogs with out the use of anaesthetic!

All owners are encouraged to handle and examine their dogs on a daily basis not only by the owner but by other people, a dog that is happy about this will be a more mentally stable dog than the dog that does not like or allow people to touch or handle them.