Quite common as more owners now have more than one dog, we can help and advise on introducing a new puppy or rescue dog safely to the existing owners dog.

We have solved many problems where two dogs are not happy in each others company, the dogs may be displaying unwanted behaviour such as growling at each other or worse actually fighting.

We investigate the reasons why such problems are occurring, then with the cooperation of the owner work out a programme that will establish a more peaceful and stress free atmosphere in which the owner and the dogs can happily live in.

In many cases management of the problem will effect immediate improvements but in some rare cases advice may have to be given on the possible re-homing of one of the dogs. In these rare, unfortunate situations, help will be provided in finding a very good home for the dog in question. Our honesty policy requires us to give the best advice we can at the time, sometimes there may be no other option than to advise re-homing one of the dogs, unfortunately in some cases there is no cure!