Club Class

Details of the Club Class course

Our Club Classes are run a little more informally than the other training course, and are on an Invitation only basis, they are more like a social club where you can spend some time enjoying training your dog amongst like minded people. Club classes cover obedience, gundog, agility, scent work, Hoopers and much much more… we run annual competitions and there are normally a few events going on for our club class clients so there tends to be something for everyone. Once you join a club you stick with it (unless circumstances change) so you get to know the people and dogs.

The Club Classes are run weekly on a registration basis (when the dog school is open) meaning you do not have to commit to a six week block as you have done with the other courses. However, we do ask that you are as consistent as possible and do not miss more than two weeks in a row without letting us know.

Price £100