Details of the Induction course

The Induction Course runs on a Wednesday evening at 6.30pm for six consecutive weeks. This course is for dogs over 6 months old that have had no formal training

The classes will cover basic obedience and manners, lead walking, recalls and good routines, all whilst dealing with distractions of people and other dogs.

The next available start date for the Induction Course is: Wednesday 11th January at 6.30pm

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

More details

This course is for dogs that have had little or no training It offers the opportunity to train your dog and socialise in a controlled, safe environment. The course will cover teaching the very basics to your dog. Most dogs that attend this course quite often will have problems and it is important that they know basic training before any attempt is made to solve their more serious problems. The vast majority of owners who attend this course have problems with some aspects of their dog’s behaviour including recalls, pulling on the lead, separation anxiety and anti-social behaviour, to name a few. There is emphasis on improving the owner dog relationship through play training and one of our aims is to help the owner understand why dogs behave in certain ways and that the way we live with them can have a dramatic effect on their behaviour at home and in public. The course is designed to be fun and informative but needs to be effective, to help this the owner will be requested to complete a questionnaire that will enable the training team to identify problem areas that can be quickly addressed.

With over 15 years of experience we have found that a course consisting of 6 one hour sessions to be the most effective. The number of dogs allowed to attend this course is limited to ten and with four instructors on hand it offers excellent value for money. This course is held on a Wednesday evening; starting time is 6.30pm.

What the sessions cover

What we are able to achieve on this course is a dramatic improvement in the dog’s overall behaviour and training. However some dogs may have quite serious, ingrained problems that may need more than one course or one-to-one training to achieve your goals.

We are able to offer a wide range of courses that are structured to help you achieve the behaviour and control you require in your dog. Once you have completed the Induction course we will be able to offer you a place on the novice dog course. These courses operate on weekends and evenings.

We would also encourage all members of the family to attend the course as we feel it is important that every one is consistent with the dog and its training!

The course is a combination of theory and practical, all aimed at achieving the aims of the Induction course outlined below.

  • All dogs should be happy to have people touch them and allow the trainers to gently examine them.

  • The dogs will be able to perform a short stay by the owner’s side.

  • All dogs will be able to do a recall to their owners.

  • All dog owners will know how to teach their dog to walk on a loose lead.

  • All dog owners will know how to transport their dogs safely in vehicles.

  • Through the use of play training all dogs will understand what the word STOP means.

  • All owners will understand their responsibilities as dog owners, for example exercising their dogs appropriately and poop scooping.

  • All owners with their dogs will receive one to one instruction on how to control their dog when off the lead in our training paddocks.

  • All this and more! Included is your starter pack. This contains all course work and information about how to have a happy well-behaved dog. It also includes many important tips on training, transporting your dog, training recalls and many more points as to the welfare of your dog.

  • All dogs should respond to their names by looking at the owner.

  • They will know how to do the sit position, down and stand positions using hand signals with verbal commands.

  • They will know how to sit still waiting for their food bowl having been taught a LEAVE command.

On completion of the Induction course you and your dog will be invited to the next level, the novice dog course.

Who this is designed for

We are currently teaching over 300 people a week to train their dogs and as such demand for places in all courses is high, we would recommend that you book your place to guarantee the time and day of your choice. Better still talk to us for free, informal, professional advice before you even get your dog particularly if you are considering a rescue dog as the new member of your pack. This would help for a smoother transitional period in the first few days of having your new dog home!

Price £130