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Welcome to The K9 Activity Centre. Here you'll find all our activities, together with lots of expert help and advice and more about our range of activities.

If you have any specific questions or need advice on a particular problem, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Alternatively, call us on

07918 763536 or 07540 452492

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The guidance does allow dog trainers to offer 121's outdoors, providing they relate to behaviour or training support. We will therefore be able to continue with this service under very strict covid-secure protocols. (This includes the novice & graduate recall sessions, bookings are now resuming)

If you would rather postpone your 1-2-1 or recall session until lockdown is lifted or wish to convert it to a zoom session. Please just let us know.

Our core training classes continue to be delivered via Zoom. The feedback after our first week has been wonderful and we really would urge anyone who is not sure to give it a go.

Sadly for our Club Classes we have had to put a hold on our normal classes until lockdown is lifted. We appreciate there are a few clients who should have been joining club classes after Christmas who are unfortunately having to wait that little bit longer, hang in there guys will get you settled in a club asap.

Our club classes were kept very busy over the Christmas period taking part in a virtual competition which led to some amazing videos that we hope to be sharing over the next couple of weeks. We know these are going to keep you entertained and may inspire you to try some catagories over lockdown. We are now busy thinking up the next club challenge!!!

As ever we are extremely grateful to work with such amazing supportive clients. We appreciate your patience and how much you have adapted with us over what has been a very strange year. We promise that will do are absolute best to make sure that we provide as close to normal service as possible and just to remind you we are here if you need us.